ATL Buzz Report: The Super Bowl XLVII edition


Each day during Super Bowl week, Around The League's Dan Hanzus breaks down all of the exciting happenings in New Orleans. The ATL Buzz Report: Super Bowl XLVII Edition.

the sweetness
  • Sample 1

    1. I won't back down

    You gotta love Randy Moss. Instead of backing off his G.O.A.T. comments Wednesday, he dug in. "What I think, is what I think ... I changed the game."

  • Sample 2

    2. NOLA knows grub

    The food here is excellent. That extends to Radio Row, which has been serving free jambalaya all week. Do those airplane seatbelt extenders cost money?

  • Sample 3

    3. Loquacious Ray

    If a Ray Lewis pull-string doll was ever put into production (this must happen), "I'm too blessed to be stressed" would definitely be one of the toy's catch phrases.

  • Sample 4

    4. No Bullock zone

    The 1,000th media member who asks Michael Oher about "The Blind Side" will win the prize of an atomic leg drop by the Ravens giant. We're at 998 and counting.

  • Sample 5

    5. 'Daaaaaaaaaaaaaad!'

    Jack Harbaugh started his press conference by yelling "Who's got it better than us?" How would your parents embarrass you at their own massive media gathering?

  • Sample 6

    6. Being Alex Smith

    Another day, another press gathering in which Alex Smith couldn't score a podium. "This is ridiculous," he joked. Your freedom is near, Alex. Stay strong.

  • Sample 7

    7. Radio Row mystery

    I don't know what this Gatorade setup is at Radio Row. I don't know why this "Clockwork Orange"-esque structure exists. It's oddly unsettling to me.

  • Sample 8

    8. Culliver's folly

    Chris Culliver told the world he wouldn't be OK with a gay teammate. Good thing for him he plays in a city that's open to his views. Oh wait ...

the foulness

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