ATL Buzz Report: Where Katherine Webb finds shelter


Each week, Dan Hanzus sifts through the pro football landscape to bring you sublime subplots of NFL life. Some of it he loves. Some he does not. Other stuff, he can't quite decide. The ATL Buzz Report.

the sweetness
  • Sample 1

    1. AD knows Bo

    Adrian Peterson said he's going to play hard in the Pro Bowl. They should take the game film and repackage it as a movie about Tecmo Bo Jackson.

  • Sample 2

    2. First, Fireman Ed. Now this.

    Is it weird that the first thing I thought of upon learning of the Hogettes retiring was how happy their wives and children must be? Not really? Oh.

  • Sample 3

    3. Wayne on the 'squirrel'

    Kudos to Reggie Wayne, who stood up to say The Ray Lewis Retirement Extravaganza was a bit excessive last week. He said what many others were thinking.

  • Sample 4

    4. Tebowing T-shirt overstock

    Another rough week for Tebowmania. The Jaguars don't want him. His time with Jets was a "mess," according to a coach. Tim needs a job ... and a hug.

  • Sample 5

    5. Leave Tony alone!

    The Cowboys threw some shade at the Dallas Stars on Twitter, who responded by burying Poor Tony Romo, who has to be wondering why life is so hard.

  • Sample 6

    6. Cowher's got the itch

    Bill Cowher wants to eventually return to coaching. After six years of pretending to laugh at Shannon Sharpe jokes, you'd want an exit strategy, too.

  • Sample 7

    7. White Russians for all!

    Rob Ryan quoted Pink Floyd after getting fired by the Cowboys. The NFL's version of "The Dude" wants a new job and a rug that ties the room together.

  • Sample 8

    8. Try again, Darnell

    Thank you to Darnell Dockett, whose clumsy and ineffective social-media courtship of Musburger's dream girl provided entertainment for us all.

the foulness

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