Tom Brady reportedly yells at New England Patriots


The New England Patriots beat the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, but quarterback Tom Brady wasn't in the mood to celebrate. The two-time NFL MVP reportedly yelled at his teammates after the game, saying their performance was unacceptable.

"An irate Brady could be heard upbraiding the team in the locker room following the game, with several expletives mixed in for emphasis," Chris Gasper of The Boston Globe wrote Monday. "Multiple sources who were in the locker room confirmed that the franchise quarterback lit into his team after a lackluster performance."

Brady's message was echoed by other veteran leaders such as Vince Wilfork. The Patriots are used to playing their best in December, but they have endured successive lackluster efforts against the San Francisco 49ers and Jacksonville Jaguars.

"We played pretty terrible out there," said Brady, who clearly was upset. "It came down to the wire, and the defense made some plays. But that was a bad 60 minutes of football. We got outcompeted out there, outfought. We were lucky to win."

"Some weeks you're good, some weeks you look like crap, like we did today," guard Logan Mankins told Greg A. Bedard of The Boston Globe.

The Patriots host the Miami Dolphins to finish the regular season in Week 17. The Patriots still have a chance for a playoff bye if they can get some help, but Brady isn't worried about scenarios. He's a 35-year-old quarterback desperate for another Super Bowl title. Watching the Patriots uncharacteristically failing to close out the season strong hasn't been easy for him.

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