ATL Buzz Report: Where crazy exes are met with fear


Each week, Dan Hanzus sifts through the pro football landscape to bring you sublime subplots of NFL life. Some of it he loves. Some he does not. Other stuff, he can't quite decide. The ATL Buzz Report.

the sweetness
  • Sample 1

    1. Genetics 101

    Tom Brady and Gisele have offered up their latest piece of genetically gifted human machinery. The One They Call Vivian Lake was born Wednesday.

  • Sample 2

    2. Schiano's scheme

    Call us crazy, but we're into Greg Schiano's alternative to kickoffs. A much better idea than trying to obliterate the quarterback on a kneel-down play.

  • Sample 3

    3. Harbaugh hits Bayside

    Jim Harbaugh once played Screech's cousin (yeah) in a 1996 episode of "Saved By The Bell: The New Class." His monologue on heroism will be studied.

  • Sample 4

    4. Return of Ray-Ray

    Ray Lewis is back at practice. This is good news for both the Ravens and NFL Films, which now can resume tracking his every movement outside the bathroom.

the foulness

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