Jay Cutler: I wasn't mad at Chicago Bears fans' booing


Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears eventually came out on top in the Body Language Bowl over Cam Newton's Carolina Panthers, but only after Cutler came under scrutiny for his walk to the locker room at halftime.

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The Chicago crowd was letting its team know in no uncertain terms that it wasn't happy. Cutler appeared to stare at the crowd and mutter something that phony lip-reading experts tried to uncover. (We tried and then gave up, feeling worse about ourselves.)

"No, (I wasn't ticked at the fans)," Cutler said during his radio show on ESPN 1000. "I was mad at the offense. I was mad at my performance and us as a group."

Like Tony Romo, Cutler knows there is only one right response when you're asked about booing.

"We should be booed," Cutler said. "I told (Brandon Marshall) when we got into the locker room, he's like, 'They booed us.' I was like, 'I know, I would boo us, too,' It was ugly, and we didn't snap out of it until 10 minutes to go in the fourth quarter.

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"Rightfully so, we got booed. Chicago fans know it was a lousy performance. We know it's a lousy performance, and hopefully when we come back on the Sunday night game (Chicago's next home game Nov. 11), we'll do better for them."

As the NFL Network guys say: "Good answer, good answer."

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