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Ahmad Bradshaw checks emotions for New York Giants


New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin told running back Ahmad Bradshaw on Monday to keep his emotions in check, one day after the two had a sideline incident over whether or not to run the ball.

"Just to calm my emotions and just let it all out in my play," Bradshaw told The Star-Ledger on Thursday about what Coughlin told him. "Like I said, our emotions are going so many different ways in the game, you never know. Just to control it pretty much, and (I told him) I would. Nothing big."

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Bradshaw had 12 carries for 43 yards last weekend against the Washington Redskins. That wasn't enough in his mind. Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride made a good point, though.

"Have you met a runner that doesn't want the ball more? Have you ever seen a pass receiver who doesn't want the ball thrown more? They all do," Gilbride said. "We just do what's working best. We weren't running the ball very well, so we're always going to do what we're doing well."

When did every sideline reaction become the end of the world? Bradshaw is a trooper for getting on the field despite constant foot problems. He didn't smack Coughlin. He doesn't have a track record of bad behavior. And the two have worked together since 2007.

Bradshaw isn't going to be the first option with Eli Manning under center. The Giants have the No. 3 pass offense in the NFL. That's just the way it is.

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