Jay Cutler: Mike Tice 'figuring out' calling Bears' plays


Jay Cutler's sideline act with offensive coordinator Mike Tice was good for a few laughs on Monday night, but his occasionally villain-like behavior shouldn't overshadow a breakout second half by the Chicago Bears offense.

Cutler played under control against a top-ranked defense. The Bears offense convincingly put a game away while their defense led the way. With the Dallas Cowboys defense prepared to stop the run late in the game, Brandon Marshall ran wild on the imploding Cowboys.

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"The first three games we're figuring it out, we're getting our game plan under us," Cutler said Tuesday on ESPN 1000 via ChicagoBears.com. "Mike's figuring out calling plays, I'm gaining trust with the offensive line."

Cutler appeared to be frustrated with Tice during the game, either with the pace of his play-calling or his choice to run on third-and-short. Tice does not have a ton of experience calling plays despite his long track record. It's only one week, but the Bears were in better rhythm. Most importantly, the offensive line played well.

"There are a lot of moving parts and it just kind of came together [Monday] night. I thought the offensive line played great top to bottom, run game, pass game. Mike had a really good rhythm with his calling plays, mixing it up, play-action, run, took a few shots. It was well executed," Cutler said.

Julius Peppers pointed out after the win that it was only one game. The Bears need to put that together week after week. At 3-1, they have done a nice job winning games while "figuring it out" on offense.