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Wes Welker amused by Tom Brady's potty mouth


Send home the lip-readers. Cancel the private investigators. Wes Welker spilled the beans.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was caught on camera Sunday dropping an expletive-laced phrase that just happens to rhyme with "puck you, stitches."

Brady had just run in a 4-yard touchdown that was being reviewed. Initial thoughts were that Brady's words were directed at the Buffalo Bills, their fans or maybe the refs. He dispelled those thoughts during his weekly radio show, but wouldn't give any details.

Welker did.

"I think it was kind of directed at, towards me and Deion (Branch) a little bit," Welker said on WEEI's Mut and Merloni show, via the Boston Globe. "We were giving him a hard time that his knee was down and we didn't know what he was doing on the bench over there. He better get his butt up and get back out on the field because his knee was down and so he's like, 'what are you talking about, I was in.'

"So I think they caught him at a perfect moment where we were just kind of jawing back and forth and things like that."

Welker can be seen seated to Brady's right laughing after the select three words.

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