Chris Snee: Tampa Bay Bucs will get knees to head


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers went after New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning when he was trying to kneel down to end last week's game, even though he told them he was taking a knee.

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Giants guard Chris Snee says he knows what he'll do if the Bucs try the same stunt again.

"We'll just tighten up and just be ready for them to fire off," Snee said via the New York Daily News. "And I wouldn't change my reaction in any way. If a guy dives at my knees, my knee is going into the back of his head. That's what happened in the game and that's what will happen going forward."

That sounds about as fun as a knee to the head. Snee's teammate Justin Tuck tells the Bucs to take a War-on-Drugs attitude if coach Greg Schiano calls the "classless" play again.

"If Perry Fewell told me to dive at a guy's knee, when we were losing, I would say 'No,'" Tuck said. "And that is just a man on man talking."

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