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Jets' wild circus hits New York Post's front page

New York Post
The New York Post clearly doesn't see the Jets in the same class as the Giants this season.

Poor Jets fans. A year ago, your team was a popular buzz pick to advance to the Super Bowl for the first time since the moon landing. Now ... well ... yeah.

As you can see above, the New York Post really outdid itself on the artwork accompanying its 2012 NFL preview. Eli Manning and Justin Tuck are rolling in style -- two Lombardis in tow -- while the Jets play the part of the sad clown.

Mark Sanchez -- no stranger to mocking Post covers -- looks absolutely despondant. Rex Ryan is one 0-3 start from being the next John Wayne Gacy. Tim Tebow is having all sorts of ball-control issues in the backseat.

On the plus side, the paper aptly lays out the expectations for Gang Green. The Giants own the city. The Jets are but lowly jesters. Nowhere to go but up.

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