Tim Tebow excels in New York Jets' goal-line package


Tim Tebow's role in the New York Jets' offense remained a mystery until Thursday, when the quarterback was set loose during an impressive goal line sequence.

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ESPN New York's Rich Cimini reported Tebow "dominated" during a live four-play stretch, running for two touchdowns and throwing another with the second-team offense.

"It was sort of (a Wildcat play)," Tebow said about one of his touchdown runs, via The Associated Press. "It looks like there's more gadgets and gizmos, but it's really just a power play that can stretch defenses. But, with the shift and with the motion, you can really stretch the defense horizontally."

The Jets had used Tebow exclusively in a conventional offense and on the punt team until Thursday. The new Wildcat-style wrinkle provides a glimpse into how the Jets might operate in goal-to-go situations this season.

"We saw a little bit of what he could do today," Jets coach Rex Ryan said, "what he brings to the table in the short yardage and goal-line situations, and when we get back to doing more Wildcat things then we'll all be excited that Tim's here.

"I think it shows that number one, he's all in. He just wants to win. It's not about him, it's not about me, it's not about this guy or that guy, and it's about us," Ryan went on. "And, I think he understands that as well as anybody. He's been absolutely terrific. I think that's that team mind-set we're trying to establish."

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Ryan made it sound as though Tebow could be a fixture in the Jets' red zone offense.

"I can see us doing some of that for the simple fact that I know how difficult it is to stop," Ryan said. "But we're going to do whatever we can to score obviously, if that means putting Tim in or if that means leaving Mark (Sanchez) in."

Tebow has the built-in makeup to thrive in these situations. The question is how well will Sanchez handle the long jog to the sidelines after leading his team down the field.