New York Jets follow Rex Ryan's edict to be quiet


Even Rex Ryan is tired of the New York Jets' trash talk. At least when the Jets are trash-talking each other.

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On the same day that Chaz Schilens expressed annoyance at Antonio Cromartie for his comments about being the No. 2 receiver on the team, Ryan essentially told the team to zip it.

“Listen to me when I tell you this: I’m aware of what was said, OK, I’m on top of it,” Ryan said. “I’m telling you that right now. I’m on top of it, and it will not be a problem."

Ryan told players to be mindful of what they say to reporters, in terms probably a lot more colorful than "mindful." It appears the message got through.

Schilens admitted to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News that he was "agitated" on Wednesday and said some things he shouldn't have said. Schilens spoke with Cromartie and this Jets minidrama is squashed for now.

Tune in tomorrow for the next one.