Chaz Schilens: Antonio Cromartie doesn't get receiver


It's one thing for Antonio Cromartie to call himself the second-best wide receiver on the New York Jets. It's another thing for him to specifically explain why he's better than his teammates.

One of those teammates, wide receiver Chaz Schilens, didn't appreciate this new era in Jets trash-talking.

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"Yeah, and it's not something I would say," Schilens said Wednesday, via The Associated Press. "Let him think what he wants."

Cromartie says he can run the whole route tree while also pointing out that Jeremy Kerley is "just a slot guy" and rookie Stephen Hill has a lot to learn.

Schilens said Wednesday that Cromartie "doesn't get" the position. Perhaps Schilens can teach him a thing or two when Cromartie is moonlighting at his other gig -- cornerback.

This feels like a story that would only happen on the Rex Ryan-era Jets.

UPDATE: Ryan said Wednesday during his news conference: "I'm aware of what was said. I'm on top of it. I'm aware of it. It won't be a problem. We're not playing it out through the media. I'm aware of it. I'll handle it."