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Fred Davis: Clown prince of the U.S. justice system


Washington Redskins tight end Fred Davis is like the Johnnie Cochran of the NFL ... only without any formal legal training, defense experience, or even a base knowledge of our country's legal process.

Davis is currently serving as his own defense, fighting the claims of a Washington D.C. woman who filed a civil suit over an altercation at a nightclub. It's a case of two ridiculous people making a whole mess of ridiculous claims. Court TV needs to be involved.

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"I had a lawyer for two times," he explained this week, via The Washington Post. "That last time I went, I didn't have a lawyer because it wasn't really needed. I mean, I had all the stuff in front of me. It was, like, a quick little case I had to just go for. And I won that day anyway."

Yes, Davis "won that day anyway." Some clarification was needed on that statement, considering Davis' actual case isn't scheduled to begin until next March.

"It's not resolved, but that hearing that day, I won," he said, after a reporter asked him to explain. "It's just a silly incident, man. Like, two years ago it happened. It's one of those situations you gotta deal with until it's over with. It'll be over during the season or after the season."

Davis admitted that the whole situation was "hilarious" and was asked if he planned to go to law school after his playing career is through.

"Freddy, the attorney at law," he laughed.

We volunteer to handle his advertising: "Hire Freddy, attorney at law: We'll prove it's all made up and flagellant!"


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