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Tim Tebow, Tom Brady make married women swoon


Troubling moment for humanity this week, after an online poll revealed that thousands of married women would invite an extramarital affair with Tim Tebow., a website that promotes cheating on your spouse, asked more than 13,500 women to pick an athlete they would cheat on their husbands with.

The New York Jets backup landed second, with 19.6 percent of the vote, according to the New York Post. Tom Brady was a close third with 17.9 percent. Both fell far short of soccer star David Beckham, who reeled in 43.1 percent.

The NFL led all sports with four players among the top 10, including Peyton Manning at No. 8 and Aaron Rodgers at No. 9.

The league does not view this as a personal victory.

Neither do 13,500 unsuspecting husbands.


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