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Nike T-shirts show Jets' QB race still unsettled


What's Saturday without a Tebow-Sanchez post that has essentially nothing to do with football?

We're here to help.

Whether you're in the Sanchez or Tebow camp, there's a shirt for you.
Whether you're in the Sanchez or Tebow camp, there's a shirt for you. (Special to

Our friend Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun Sentinel tweeted out this photo from a sporting goods store. Apparently Nike, if not the New York Jets, believes this quarterback derby is far from over.

We've cropped the image a tad. In Kelly's original, we see Peyton Manning jerseys to the left and Robert Griffin III garb to the right. When it comes to the Jets, Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow are splitting Gang Green real estate down the middle. 

We're told that SANCHEZ KNOWS and, incidentally, TEBOW KNOWS. Granted, this has nothing to do with the team's depth chart and everything to do with Tebow's marketability.

Want further proof? Tebow recently moved into a pad in Hoboken, N.J. Weeks later, "TEBOWKEN" T-shirts are flying off the shelves. (Meanwhile, two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback Eli Manning lives just down the street from Tebow. We're still waiting on those "ELIKEN" units to ship -- crickets on that front.)

Former New England Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi recently asked Tebow to "disappear." Tedy Bruschi's going to be waiting a long, long time for that to go down.