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Ranking the NFL's top young wide receivers


With Miles Austin in the house, Dez Bryant might not be the best receiver on the Dallas Cowboys, even if the team insists otherwise.

Hall of Fame wideout Jerry Rice sees what most of us see, a great talent in the making, if Bryant wants to be.

"I had a chance to meet this guy in Dallas and he's a humongous receiver," Rice said on ESPN's "NFL Live" this week, per The Dallas Morning News. "If he can get his head on straight, Tony Romo's going to look for him more and they're going to be incredible out on the football field."

Rice included Bryant, 23, on his list of the top six NFL receivers under the age of 26.

Rice listed his six-pack in alphabetical order, but we'll take a shot at ranking his picks from top to bottom:

1. Victor Cruz (25), New York Giants: Strangely, the oldest of the bunch, but Cruz has quickly become the game's most exciting slot receiver.
2. A.J. Green (23), Cincinnati Bengals: Completely transformed Cincy's offense and should only improve after a full offseason with Andy Dalton.
3. Bryant (23): Does he want to be a great player? It's tough to rank him this high until we know the answer. He has all the potential to lead Dallas out of the woods.
4. Percy Harvin (24), Minnesota Vikings: I want to rank Harvin higher. He means so much to the Vikings, but durability remains an issue.
5. Antonio Brown (23), Pittsburgh Steelers: Reliable and productive. Ben Roethlisberger knows he can count on Brown's hands time and again.
6. Julio Jones (23), Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons sold the house to acquire Jones and he didn't disappoint. He'll be leaned on heavily in 2012.

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