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Jerod Mayo has watched Patriots' Super Bowl loss


Jerod Mayo has a stronger stomach than most Patriots fans. And Tom Brady.

The Patriots' defensive captain said Tuesday that he has watched the film of Super Bowl XLVI a few times. He broke it down like any other game to see where the Patriots "went wrong."

It's a laudable approach. Perhaps it's the best way for a largely-young Patriots squad to get over a devastating loss. It's not an approach we can imagine the Patriots' offensive leader taking.

During the buildup to Super Bowl XLVI, Tom Brady admitted that he never watched a replay of New England's previous Super Bowl loss to the Giants. Not once in five years.

Mayo took the opposite approach. He can take some positives from a game where the Patriots defense mostly played well, like it did for much of the postseason. Mayo and his defensive mates just need to learn how to close out a game. 


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