Pick Six  


Forget Romo; put Woods with another former winner


One of my favorite non-playoff stories of the weekend was the notion Tiger Woods and Tim Tebow were going to pair up at the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am on Feb. 9-12. Really? There hasn't been polar opposites this extreme since Kim Kardashian and actually having talent.

But it's not to be. Turns out Woods will be playing with Tony Romo. Boring. How about spicing some things up a little bit? Here are six golf pairings guaranteed to be much more enjoyable.

And without further ado ...

  • Craig Stadler/Mike Holmgren

    Dress them in the same clothing, and you can just imagine Verne Lundquist having a meltdown trying to tell these two apart. Plus they could pull shenanigans with Stadler talking all of Holmgren's tough shots.

  • John Daly/Rex Ryan

    The duo would no doubt accrue many penalties for delay of game (time for shots) and leaving devoured chicken wings on the putting green. But you would be hard pressed to find a more enjoyable duo for a round.

  • Michelle Wie/Mark Sanchez

    Both seemingly have been in the spotlight for years, but we're still trying to figure out why. Seriously, are these two ever going to win something of significance?

  • Greg Norman/Tony Romo

    Can you imagine the colossal and epic failure if this group headed into Sunday at the top of the leader board? Think of a combination of "Tin Cup" and the Titanic.

  • Tiger Woods/Ben Roethlisberger

    Both have been at the pinnacle of their respective sports, both are trying to battle back to their winning ways on an off the field. Just don't let either drive.

  • Phil Mickelson/Tim Tebow

    Mickelson is actually a righty who learned how to play golf left-handed. Tebow only looks like a righty trying to throw the ball left-handed.


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