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Sorry, Grossman: Redskins still hunting for franchise QB

  • By Marc Sessler
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During Rex Grossman's uneven NFL career, ringing endorsements from above have been scant.

Case in point: One day after the Redskins' starter told The Washington Post his confidence playing quarterback was "at an all-time high," the messaging flowing out of team headquarters only elevated questions about Grossman's future within the organization.

According to offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, while Grossman has shown flashes of playing the position the "right way," the team hasn't found their guy.

"My preference is a quarterback that is going to try to win the game and is smart enough to do that the right way," Kyle told The Washington Post. "You want one of those guys that there's no question about. There's probably only about five or six of them in the league. Then, there's a lot of guys who can play and a lot of guys who need to be replaced. You're always trying to find that one and (we're) still looking to do it."

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan echoed his son's attitude to NFL Network's Albert Breer this week, saying: "I think everybody's in the market" for a young passer. Shanahan acknowledged Friday that he has been studying game tape of top college QBs since midseason.

"I've already looked at 10 or 15 of them," Shanahan told The Post. "I'll take half-hour a day, early in the morning. The tapes are made up. I'll look at maybe 75, 80 plays of just a guy throwing the football in game situations and so that's most of the passes, or at least the good passes during the season, just so I get a feel for the guy."

That's not exactly music to Grossman's ears, but it shouldn't come as a surprise that the search for a franchise passer continues in D.C. It's the same holy grail-type quest that has 85 percent of the league spinning its wheels, and while journeymen like Grossman put up a noble fight, they are but stopgaps until the next Tom Brady is unearthed.


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