Fourth-down decision puts 49ers coach Harbaugh on edge

  • By Simon Samano
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Was 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh having an accident on the sideline? Or was he about to have a heart attack because of the decision he'd just made?

Kudos to the Fox broadcast for catching Harbaugh in a moment of distress that, for those watching at home, was pretty amusing after he went for it on fourth-and-2 during the second quarter of Sunday's game against the Cardinals.

We're guessing Harbaugh made the somewhat gutsy decision because he was tired of field-goal attempts. To that point, the 49ers already had tried five and missed three (two of them actually were blocked). But, boy, was Harbaugh on pins and needles as he watched quarterback Alex Smith roll right before finally completing a pass to wide receiver Kyle Williams for a first down.

Easy there, Coach. If you're like this during the second quarter of a regular-season game, we'd hate to see what you'll be like after making a similar decision late in a playoff game.