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What team will be lucky enough to get the top pick in the draft?

Ben Liebenberg/NFL
Who is leading the race to get that top spot in the 2012 NFL Draft?

So, your team is 0-2. But don't worry, your team is not out of it. Well, they are out of it for the Super Bowl. Teams do not typically start 0-2 and win the Super Bowl with just a few exceptions. There is no chance of that this time around.

But your 0-2 team is still very much in the running for the first overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. And there is a chance that if you end up with that first pick in the draft, your team could be very lucky.

With that in mind, the Pick Six will start releasing its own weakly power rankings -- handicapping the teams in the chase for the first overall choice. Because let's be honest, picking the best teams in the league is way too positive. Let's pick the team who will have the fortune of having that lucky No. 1 pick.

And without further ado ...




The Giants are a darkhorse candidate for the top overall pick, but really hurt themselves by beating St. Louis on Monday night. A loss would have put them in a commanding lead for the No. 1 choice, but are clearly in a must-lose situation in the coming weeks. With Eli Manning at quarterback, anything is possible.




The Vikings have a very good chance of being truly inept, but the thing that hurts them here is that the NFC North is going to be really good, meaning that their strength of schedule is going to hurt them in tie-breaking scenarios. And besides, with Christian Ponder in the mix, it might not be a Godsend to have the first pick.




The Dolphins were one of my picks to be a surprise team in the AFC, turns out I had the right division, wrong team. With Chad Henne's performance against the Patriots, it looked like Miami had a chance to be good, but Henne rallied in Week 2 to put his team back in contention for the top pick.




The Colts were eliminated from the playoffs during the first half of Week 1, which is generous to say because many would contend they were eliminated when Peyton Manning went under the knife. But the Colts have way too many offensive weapons to be pathetic enough to really challenge for the top spot. And if Manning comes back, would this really be lucky for them?




The Eagles were celebrated for making moves to make a Super Bowl run. But where is the admiration for what the Seahawks did to take a run at No. 1? The team could have kept Matt Hasselbeck and been content with being wildly mediocre -- which is enough to win the NFC West. Instead, the team went to Tarvaris Jackson. Pete Carroll knows what he is doing.




Not only are the Chiefs in the driver's seat, but there is a chance that this team could make a bid at the Lions' 0-16 mark in 2008. Funny thing about the Chiefs, the new-fangled passing rules have seemed to benefit every quarterback in the NFL -- except for Matt Cassel. And then things got worse in Kansas City when Jamaal Charles went down with a season-ending knee injury. If Charles is lucky enough to return in 2012, he could be playing with a new quarterback.

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