Like/Dislike: A Sunday night tribute band matchup


What we are talking about:

  • Tyrod Taylor

    Full-time starting fantasy QB

  • Colin Kaepernick

    How much worse could it get?

  • Marshawn Lynch

    Move him while you still can

This is a terrible start to the season for quarterbacks. Big names like Tony Romo, Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger have missed time and will miss time this week. Although, I find it kind of weird Sam Bradford has remained healthy this long. Not that Bradford has done anything for your fantasy team. Drafting him has left me with the same regret Uncle Owen had when he chose R5-D4.

Well two of those aforementioned quarterbacks were set to square off on Sunday night. You know the NBC executives were pumped for a huge matchup between Brees and Romo in primetime. But it's not to be. Romo is definitely out. Brees will end up as a game-time decision. And it's got to be disheartening for Saints fans who paid big bucks for tickets.

Think about it. Not only are the Cowboys without Romo, but there is no Dez Bryant or even DeMarco Murray from last year. The Saints and the Cowboys this week are like two tribute bands going against each other. The Cowboys without Romo are the football equivalent of Sublime with Rome. April 26, 1992. There was a riot on the street, tell me where were you? Well, I can tell you Brandon Weeden was graduating from college.

Not that these teams should complain. They could be the Chicago Bears. The team did something seemingly unthinkable in NFL circles when they started to dump players. This kind of thing happens in other sports, but football's weird salary cap rules prevent trades. It's too bad, too.

I would love it if the Bears could deal Matt Forte. Not from a personal standpoint. I like Forte. He's my current favorite player. But the Bears probably aren't going to win the Super Bowl this year. So it would be nice to see Forte land with a contender like the Seahawks (as a for instance) to help push them over the top. But we just never seem to get that enough in the NFL.

These salary cap rules are on my short list of things to get down when I become commissioner. But enough about that, let's look at the Likes and Dislikes for the coming week.

A big hand to stats maven Careen Falcone for dropping the knowledge.

And without further ado ...

I added Taylor a few weeks ago when Drew Brees went down. The reports are Brees will play this week. I don't care. I'm still going to roll with Taylor over him.

Well there is a way you could leave Andrew Luck on the bench even if he starts. But I'm not going to be that guy who tries to over-think these things. Like I did with A.J. Green last week.

I have no idea what Matthew Stafford's deal is. But the Seahawks haven't allowed a TD pass in four consecutive home games. And Stafford struggles on the road.

Newsroom debate of the week: Has anybody risen and subsequently fallen as fast as Colin Kaepernick? He was one play away from being a Super Bowl MVP! Who do you think throws more passes for the Packers this week? Rodgers or Colin Kaepernick?

Colin Kaepernick threw four picks last week in 19 attempts. On the other hand, Rodgers has four interceptions in his last 592 pass attempts.

ImageBTW, I like Zoe Lister-Jones. She's great. But she's like a player who keeps getting put on bad teams. "Whitney" and "Friends With Better Lives" both flamed out. "Life in Pieces" is like her, "I just signed to be the quarterback of the Texans" moment. Hey CBS, why don't you stick to the procedural dramas? Maybe like NCIS: South Dakota. CSI: Buffalo. Stop doing comedy. Only FOX seems to put out consistent winners.

ImageI also kind of hate to admit this, but I've become hooked on "Real Housewives of the OC" lately. I can't help it. I started to pay attention a little bit because the wife wanted to watch it. And when the mother of your child wants to watch the show while she is giving nourishment to said child, well you kind of need to roll with it. But Brooks is faking his cancer, isn't he? Something stinks about this whole thing. It stinks!

I want to believe Jeremy Hill is going to turn (stuff) around this year. But it's not going to be against the Chiefs this week who are tough against the run.

I was off Justin Forsett this week. Again, another guy I want to get it fixed by the end of the season. I just didn't see it this week. Boy was I was wrong.

I was fearful Marshawn Lynch was going to slow down this year. Well, I was scared about it last year. But now this year I am finally right! I'd try to peddle Lynch before this weekend's game because it's going to end up being a pain for you.

Matt Jones was a waste of fantasy space last week. But I am going to try to avoid him and Alfred Morris this week because the Eagles are tough on fantasy running backs.

Do the Lions ever want to get around to playing Ameer Abdullah more? Are they waiting to be eliminated first? Sorry, I can't play him at Seattle.

Same thing with Lamar Miller. Can you believe people were convinced Miller was poised for a breakout because of a contract year? Or at least I was?

I want to believe C.J. Anderson is going to turn it around this year. But Ronnie Hillman and Juwan Thompson got carries. And then there's Peyton Manning who would rather throw the ball 100 times, win a bunch of regular-season games and then lose in the playoffs. You can almost see the look of defeat in Gary Kubiak's face as he knows Peyton is going to doom him this year. He's going to long for T.J. Yates. All right, maybe not that far.

ImageOne of our staffers has walked around the building over the past couple of days and besmirched the name of C-3P0. Which is just one of the most absurd hot takes of all time. I mean, you can say pretty much anything you want about my teams. About my family. But I will not allow you to talk poorly of C-3PO. And for the record, if you haven't kept up with Marvel's new "Star Wars" series you really should. Especially since it's cannon. (There's a Han Solo spoiler in the "Star Wars" books I won't give you here.) But Darth Vader actually created droids who are evil counterparts to C-3PO and R2-D2. Check it out here.

I actually believe Drew Brees makes Brandin Cooks worse. He's never been the kind of guy who has locked in on one stud receiver and rode him to fantasy gold.

I could not cut Andre Johnson fast enough. I was never convinced Dre would make an impact for the Colts. I sat down to watch some tape and he just doesn't look like his dominant self. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

You can drop Victor Cruz if you're holding on to him, too. In fact, I dropped him in a 14-team league for Leonard Hankerson. That's where we are living right now.

Congratulations to Jeremy Maclin as he broke the WR curse for the Chiefs. And congratulations to sports writers everywhere who had a joke for the occasion saved in their drafts on Twitter. Because a few of you were way too quick on it. Way too quick. And not funny, either.

ImageMy biggest fear for The New Day is they will become too popular and John Cena will have enough. Then TND will make it to the final four of the Royal Rumble with Cena. And then Cena will do Cena things and eliminate all three of them in short order. It will be like the end of the Nexus all over again.

ImageI was seriously so morose when Wade Barrett returned to RAW on Monday night. He's going to go down as one of those guys with so much wasted potential. I blame the organization for that. He was so over with the Bad News Barrett gimmick, but they couldn't let that happen. Again, I blame Cena. But that was the most enjoyable part of the show. But the WWE gets these weird thoughts in their head where they won't let their guys get over. I fear that with The New Day.

I heard a great point on Sirius this week about Jordan Cameron, in that he was really nothing more than a product of Rod Chudzinski's system in Cleveland. That would explain a lot.

I'm ready for Travis Kelce to disappoint this week. Seriously, Andy Reid has made a career of his maddening use of his stars. I just don't get it.

ImageI really hate the NFL catch rules. Sometimes common sense gives way to things like "process" or some of the other dumb (expletive) they say to try to justify their terrible position. Tyler Eifert caught that ball. And I'm not complaining because it cost me in fantasy. All right, I'm complaining a little bit because if it. But how do we have all of these rules wrong? Eifert caught that ball. Jordan Matthews scored a touchdown in Week 1 that should have been an automatic review from above. Sometimes I feel like the NFL is trying to make me not like it. Which just isn't possible, but still. Get rid of these dumb rules, man.

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