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Josh Gordon's status creates fantasy conundrum


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What do I do with Josh Gordon in a keeper league? I am thinking drop him if it's over an eight-game suspension and keep him if it's less. Thoughts? -- @maXXXimusdawg (via Twitter)

Marcas Grant: I've been asked this question a number of times recently and my answer is that eight is enough. OK, maybe that's a forced '80s television reference that doesn't quite work. But you see where I'm going with this: Eight games is the threshhold. Anything more than that and Gordon's value would be akin to guys like Michael Crabtree and Percy Harvin who fell to the latter rounds when injuries kept them out for most of the year. It's no secret what Gordon did in 2013 after missing two games due to suspension. His value is too high to just forget about him if he'll only sit out a handful of games.

For keeper/dynasty owners -- is it time to trade Adrian Peterson away? Or hang on to him for one more year? (via Twitter)

M.G.: Slow down, Turbo. Let's not start talking about dealing Peterson just yet. Yes, he's had a big workload and a number of surgeries over the past few years. But even LeSean McCoy can agree that Peterson is still one of the best backs in the NFL. Plus, he now has Norv Turner pulling the strings on the offense. That's enough to get me on board for at least another season. Next year, however ... Peterson hits the dreaded running back age of 30 and eventually the Vikings will have to start making plans for the future. At that point, fantasy owners should do the same with a player who's name and on-field peformance should fetch a nice return in trades.

Who should you draft first -- Dez Bryant or Julio Jones? -- @RappsMovieNews (via Twitter)

M.G.: Honestly it's a matter of preference since I expect both players to have monstrous fantasy seasons. In my rankings, I have Bryant just a few slots ahead of Jones. With Scott Linehan in the fold as Dallas' offensive coordinator, I'd expect Bryant to have an even bigger role in the passing game and challenge to finish as the top wideout in fantasy. But I'd be happy to have either one of those players as my WR1 when the season begins.

Is Eddie Lacy a second-round talent? -- @JMezcal15 (via Twitter)

M.G.: Yes, yes and yes! In fact, if Lacy slips to the second round, snatch him up as quickly as possible. I don't imagine he'll fall that far in many re-drafts. As a rookie, Lacy finished sixth at the position and is expected to have a larger role in one of the NFL's most prolific offenses in 2014. He also doesn't have a true threat behind him to take away a significant amount of carries -- that's key in a league where the featured back is going the way of the Blockbuster Video.

What kind of value do you see Andre Ellington having this year? -- @mroddacourt (via Twitter)

M.G.: Andre Ellington has become a favorite among the fantasy staff here at Now that Rashard Mendenhall has retired and Bruce Arians has insisted on having one workhorse back, it's going to be Dre Day in Arizona this fall. The man from Clemson began to show what he could do midway through last season and will have plenty of chances to expand upon that in the upcoming campaign. He'll be off the board before the middle of the third round in most leagues and should be a legit RB2 in 2014.

Will Robert Griffin III have a great comeback season? What round is a good slot without reaching? -- @Cito_4Real (via Twitter)

M.G.: I love what 2014 could hold for RGIII. The addition of DeSean Jackson and Andre Roberts gives him two more options to help stretch defenses and open up the field. Having that many options might diminish the fantasy values of the individual pass-catchers, but I'd expect Griffin to challenge for a top five spot by the end of the year. As for a draft spot, every draft is a little different -- you never know when a QB run might happen -- but I have Griffin as my seventh-ranked quarterback. I'd be surprised if he comes off the board before the fifth or sixth round in many leagues.

Which two should I keep between Arian Foster, Giovani Bernard and Le'Veon Bell? They are all ranked so close. -- @ericmcdade (via Twitter)

M.G.: Wow, that's a pretty tough call. To prove your point about how closely they're ranked, I have Bell at No. 8, Bernard at No. 10 and Foster at No. 11. The reason Foster is third is because the other two have much more upside. Bell and Bernard are younger and haven't had the same type of wear-and-tear as the veteran back. Also, both Bell and Bernard are expected to see more touches this season while the Texans might be more interested in trying to lighten Foster's workload by integrating Andre Brown into the offense.

I take a lot of abuse for always drafting James Jones. Has his value gone up as a Raider? -- @codycanoe (via Twitter)

M.G.: Fess up ... are you actually NFL senior photo editor (and San Jose State alum extraordinaire) Ben Liebenberg? Okay, enough abuse from me. In reality, this could turn out to be a lateral move for Jones. He'll enter training camp ostensibly as Oakland's top receiver, which means he'll probably see more targets. But he'll quickly find out that working in an offense with Matt Schaub isn't like working with Aaron Rodgers. If he needs proof, he can call former teammate Greg Jennings, who learned the hard way after moving to the Vikings. Most fantasy owners have a player or two that they're particularly loyal to. If you're inclined to pick up Jones again, don't let this sway you. Just don't expect his production to increase significantly.

What Chiefs should be drafted in fantasy this year? What are your expectations for DeAnthony Thomas? -- @YourDraftSource (via Twitter)

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M.G.: The Chiefs didn't do much to upgrade at the skill positions this offseason, so the list of draftable players hasn't changed much. There's Jamaal Charles and ... well, um ... not much else. Alex Smith and Dwayne Bowe will likely be drafted, but they won't be major fantasy contributors this season. As for Thomas, he probably won't have a big role in the offense this year and is more likely to make his mark on special teams. If you get points for punt and kickoff returns he's worth a late-round flier. Otherwise, DAT is best left to the waiver wire.

What about Chris Givens? A third-year No. 1 receiver, Sam Bradford is back and expected to throw the ball. -- @blues_x_man (via Twitter)

M.G.: Yes, Bradford is back and the Rams are expected to throw the ball a little more, but I'm calling shenanigans on the idea of Givens as a No. 1 receiver. Last season he ranked fourth on the club in receptions during a season in which St. Louis struggled to establish a dominant pass-catcher. If offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer does pick a lead receiver, it's more likely to be Tavon Austin. But on the whole, St. Louis' aerial attack is still too scattershot to trust any of its wideouts as more than No. 4 option.

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