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Fantasy favorite WRs make a comeback in Week 12

Two NFC South WRs are back in my good graces, while I'm on the fence about two AFC West WRs. Believe it or not, it is possible to have a good day (or what passes for a good day) on Revis Island. And just how the heck did a QB make his way into the Target Report? Find out below for the Week 12 look back and forward projections.

Top 10 targets for Week 12
5. Laurent Robinson
10. Deion Branch

Target analysis

Vincent Brown, Darrius Heyward-Bey, DeSean Jackson, Johnny Knox, Brandon Lloyd and Brandon Marshall also had 10 targets each. Brown, Hey-Bey and Knox are ones to keep an eye on. If you have an open spot on your bench they're worth grabbing. Brown has flashed twice in the last three weeks and you can hold out hope that Hey-Bey gets back to who he was earlier this season. Whenever a new QB takes over a team you have no idea who their favorite WR is going to be, and Knox could be Caleb Hanie's go-to guy.

With the Eagles WRs banged-up, Jason Avant is a nice play, but really only if that's the case. A healthy WR corps and Avant's fantasy value takes a dive. And remember, Vince Young isn't going to throw 48 passes every week.

Stevie Johnson was a surprise at the top of this list considering he was on Revis Island for much of Sunday's game, but he produced. It's the second time this season he's been somewhat effective against Revis, which gives you hope that going forward he can recapture his form of the first five weeks. This makes him viable to start once again.

Don't go crazy for Greg Little, Deion Branch or Doug Baldwin. None of them is consistent enough for you to start, especially now that the byes are over and your roster is back to full strength. I had hope for Little earlier this season but he still hasn't scored a TD.

Is Roddy White back? His second terrific game in a row has me at least at the point where I'm starting him confidently again. He looks to be getting back in synch with Matt Ryan, and not by coincidence Ryan is becoming fantasy relevant again. Ryan has graduated to being a 'matchup start' at this point. If he has a good one, you can put him in your lineup.

You can insert Mike Williams South's name for Roddy White and I have the same opinion. Nearly 27 fantasy points the last two weeks, his value is rising, even though Josh Freeman is inconsistent. Williams is definitely worth a flex play and can even be a weaker No 2.

Welcome back, Wes Welker! After his two-game hiatus from the point column, he was once again Tom Brady's favorite target and you can once again expect big weeks from him. He's done it for too long to think he's suddenly going to fall off the fantasy cliff.

Marcedes Lewis saw 12 targets Sunday to lead all TE's (Antonio Gates was second with 10). While it didn't translate into fantasy points, Lewis is at least a possibility at the TE position for you. Let's face it, if you can get around six points out of your TE every week you're doing really well. There aren't many Grahams or Gronkowskis out there.

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