Our Values


To present the National Football League and its teams at a level that attracts the broadest audience and makes NFL football the best sports entertainment in the world.
To achieve our mission, we will constantly challenge ourselves to improve and be guided by these values:


We safeguard the integrity of the game.
We are ethical in all of our dealings with fans, clubs, business partners, and each other.
We follow through on our words with action. We are honest and direct.
We create an environment that inspires trust and confidence.


We expect from everyone in our organization the highest level of performance and commitment to our mission and values.
We set the highest standards and challenge ourselves to keep improving.
We are accountable for our results and consistently measure our progress.
We make smart and informed business decisions.
We work together, sharing knowledge, information and other resources to attain the best results.
We focus on organizational objectives, not individual agendas.


We recognize that the NFL's traditions are an asset, but we also embrace change.
We do not rest on our accomplishments.
We seek new ways of performing in response to fan interests, technology, and the best practices and business models of other organizations.
We balance the need to change with the utmost respect for what has been accomplished.
We are thoughtful and deliberate in our thinking, and always consider the long-term consequences of our decisions.


We create an organization that represents, supports and celebrates diversity, while also embracing our shared interests.
We represent and respect a wide range of human differences, personal experiences and cultural backgrounds for the benefit of the organization and our employees as individuals.
We provide each employee with an opportunity to achieve his or her full potential.


We take individual responsibility for learning, personal growth, and career development.
We actively support, as an organization, opportunities for individual development, but we recognize that personal talent and initiative will primarily drive individual growth.
We encourage employees to seek learning opportunities both inside and outside the workplace.

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