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Top 20 NFL veterans traded in the prime of their careers

Who are the greatest traded players of all time? That was the question posed to me by my editor after the trades that sent Antonio Brown to the Raiders and Odell Beckham Jr. to the Browns. It's rare to have star players shopped in their primes, even with the economics of the sport playing an ever increasing role.

To determine who the top traded players are, shouldn't what they did afterward count? If a guy can only produce with one franchise, or only in that one team's scheme, is he really an elite player? If you only count how prolific a player is before he was traded, then what about all those who were incredible after they were dealt? In other words, just like there were so many premier players who failed to produce in new locales, like Herschel Walker, there were those, like Steve Young, who accomplished little before being traded elsewhere.

The below names, presented in reverse order, are the greatest traded players in NFL history:

Elliot Harrison Analyst