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Top 10 Heisman Trophy snubs

There seems to be zero doubt that Oregon QB Marcus Mariota wins the 2014 Heisman Trophy.

He is one of three finalists, and the biggest mystery is which of the other finalists -- Alabama WR Amari Cooper and Wisconsin RB Melvin Gordon -- will be the first to shake Mariota's hand once he is announced as the winner.

But let's play the "what if?" game: What if for some mind-boggling reason Mariota doesn't win? Would that be the biggest Heisman snub in history? Yes, it would.

When "Heisman snubs" are mentioned, the names most often heard are Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson and Vince Young -- as in, "How did Peyton/Adrian/Vince not win the Heisman?" Actually, strong cases can be made for the guys who beat out each of that trio to win the award (Michigan's Charles Woodson in 1997 over Manning, USC's Matt Leinart in 2004 over Peterson and USC's Reggie Bush in 2005 over Young). You want real Heisman snubs? Here are the top 10.