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Top 10 defensive players ever

You might have walked out of "Batman v Superman" or peaced out of your online "Call of Duty" fest long enough to catch the glowing comments Lawrence Taylor made about J.J. Watt the other day: "That J.J. Watt is a bad S.O.B."

It's easy to understand where Taylor, of all people, is coming from. After all, Watt joined the Giants legend this past season as the only other guy to win Defensive Player of the Year three times. Taylor's praise inspired the Powers That Be at NFL Media to ask if Watt would make the top 10 defensive players of all time already.

No. Hasn't played long enough. (Or else Terrell Davis would've been a first-ballot Hall of Famer at running back.) However, I did promise to deliver 10 players I would put above Watt. As you will see below, these guys are NFL royalty, and cover every position on defense. Let me know your position on these selections: @HarrisonNFL is the place.

Elliot Harrison Analyst