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The Uniform Monitor

Aside from the occasional lapse in regard to league protocol, the Niners and Bills have provided a bunch of NFL teams a model to follow. Both teams' turnarounds have been nice, but that's not what I'm talking about. It's the fact that in the last couple years, each has made the smart sartorial choice to discard their ugly modern getups in favor of their respective handsome (slightly modified) uniforms of the past.

However, a number of teams have recently assaulted our eyes with their throwbacks (I'm looking at you, Acme Packers), proving it's not as simple as just going into the attic and pulling out the first set of retro duds you find.

That's why I, the Uniform Monitor -- America's foremost appraiser of all that's good and bad in the Technicolor world of sports apparel -- have focused my keen eye on eight teams whose throwbacks have left me feeling incomplete to offer some better alternatives.

Dave Dameshek Analyst