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Star Wars Mock Draft

Happy Star Wars Day, everybody! May the fourth be with you. That time of year when a play on words is an excuse to revel in our "Star Wars" nerddom. We've done the "Star Wars"-NFL connections for the past two years, so I thought I would mix it up this season. Since the draft is this month, this gives me an excuse to conduct my own "Star Wars" mock draft, based on teams' specific needs.

And yes, if this doesn't get the 2015 NFL Draft pushed back to April, nothing will. But let's have a little fun. And please, rush to the comments section to tell me how much I don't know about "Star Wars" or the NFL. Seriously, I write that as if you already haven't done so.

But let me reiterate, this is a list of draft picks based on team needs. This isn't a ranking of the best characters because that would be way too easy. Let's say we get into it, right?

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Adam Rank Writer