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Projecting the 2018 first-team All-Pros

Who will be the All-Pros of tomorrow? Well, as in, after the 2018 NFL season wraps?

You're in luck. The AP changed its position parameters a couple years ago, and it's still hard to get used to. Especially on the D-line, with categories for edge rushers and interior linemen. The edge group includes 3-4 rush linebackers like, say, Von Miller. Yet, pass rushers Chandler Jones (first team) and Miller (second team) made the All-Pro team as linebackers in 2017. Confused yet? And if you're a 4-3 OLB, you get noooooo respect, as not a one made the prestigious first team last year. You know why? No sacks. What B.S. Not to worry -- I corrected that madness with a speedy OLB.

Speaking of, this prediction of the 2018 first-team All-Pro honorees is a quick read, as the pain came in the picking. Send frustrations to the usual place ... @HarrisonNFL.

Elliot Harrison Analyst