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Peyton Manning's top moments with the Colts

Indianapolis in my rear-view mirror. I'll never forget pulling away from the JW Marriott the day after Super Bowl XLVI and seeing the huge Lombardi Trophy on the face of the hotel as a final reminder of the phenomenal week we had that culminated in Giants 21, Patriots 17. And now, shockingly, we're using that phrase for Peyton Manning. It's one thing to know the day is coming, quite another when it finally gets here. It's sort of like how you felt leaving for college for the first time. A new world to explore, your old life still a part of you but yet more in your memory as you move forward. You always have room for your old friends but as time goes on you see them more as your past than as your future. So before Peyton throws his first non-Colts pass, let's look back at the top moments of his career with Indianapolis.