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Patriots, Yankees, Lakers among best sports dynasties

What's the greatest dynasty ever? Easy. "Star Wars." Started with a three-peat (Episodes IV-VI, dorks). Two 1-15 seasons (with the prequels). Episode III was like a playoff season, with Episode VII and "Rogue One" being a return to championship glory.

But I'm pretty sure my editors want me to limit this to sports, which is so like them. So here goes.

A few ground rules: First, no CGI. Just kidding. Only the MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL are considered. (Not to besmirch the Premier League, but I still call Arsenal "The Arsenal," so maybe I'm not quite the authority there. However, if you want to give me the best EPL team, I'd be happy to hear it. Hit me up on Facebook.) Second, no NCAA teams. (So long, UConn women's hoops and Alabama football.) And finally, no individual dynasties. Sorry, Jimmie Johnson, Jack Nicklaus and Ric Flair. (And so help me if John Cena ties that mark.)


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