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NFL's nine best remaining veteran free agents

With players hitting the field for OTAs and minicamps, it's easy to forget that there are still some notable unsigned free agents out there. But, as veteran receiver James Jones reminded us -- literally, declaring recently, "If you need a WR, come get me" -- there are plenty of guys still looking for work. They obviously aren't first- or second-tier free agents, but some of them can help someone, even if many won't land a job until training camps get going.

Below, I've listed the nine best free agents remaining, arranged in alphabetical order. You won't see some of the higher-profile guys -- like Wes Welker, Steven Jackson, Lance Briggs, Michael Vick, Dwight Freeney and Pierre Thomas -- but not because they've been overlooked; rather, they were left off because they no longer stack up with the players listed.

Gil Brandt Senior Analyst