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NFL's most unbreakable records

On Sunday, Peyton Manning set a new career mark for most TD passes, topping a record set four years ago by Brett Favre, who broke Dan Marino's record eight years after it was established.

Did you follow all of that? Marino retired in 1999 with 420 career TDs. Favre broke that record in 2007, set his career mark of 509 in 2010, and then saw it extinguished in 2014 by Manning.

That's a nice little record worthy of adulation (for which Manning received plenty), but it doesn't register among the NFL's most unbreakable all-time records. Take a look at the list below. There's also a nice little debate box at the bottom of this page if you care to comment intelligently. If you don't care to debate, feel free to play's new fantasy game, NFL Record Breaker.