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NFL coach power rankings

Who is your front man of choice? Eddie Vedder? David Lee Roth? Gordon Lightfoot?

OK, many of you probably haven't heard of that last guy, but most assuredly you all know the NFL's 32 front men -- that is to say, the 32 head coaches I was tasked with ranking. Speaking of Lightfoot, if you could read my mind, you'd guess No. 1. Probably not No. 3, though. The challenging part: Weighing the stacked résumés of the Tom Coughlins of the world against the promise of successful upstarts like Chip Kelly. And in the late teens/early 20s, the process became increasingly difficult.

We tried to balance "What have you done for me lately?" and career accomplishments. Feel free to share your take here: @HarrisonNFL. For comparison's sake, here is last year's ranking.

Elliot Harrison Analyst