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Heisman Trophy winners of past 25 years power rankings

This is a ranking of the last 25 Heisman Trophy winners (going back to 1990), not based just on what they accomplished in the NFL, but also taking into account the college football achievements of each award winner.

The Cleveland Browns' decision to move on from Johnny Manziel after just two seasons highlights just how the NFL performances of Heisman winners varies tremendously. While Manziel's NFL career is in jeopardy, the two players who followed him as Heisman winners -- Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota -- seem to have promising NFL careers ahead of them.

It also should be noted that in this exercise we are not excluding Reggie Bush, who won the Heisman Trophy in 2005 but voluntarily forfeited his trophy in 2010. While records can be vacated years after the fact, you can't take away the memories.