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Farewell campaign? QBs destined for 2016 relocation

We're a month away from the 2015 NFL Draft, five months shy of the 2015 season. Naturally, it's time to start thinking about 2016. Allow me to explain...

Have you noticed how many big-name quarterbacks have been in the news this offseason? Potential trades, contract talks and general drama -- it's all been in play for some of the most notable figures in the game. And even though the dust is beginning to settle in terms of the immediate future, the bigger picture appears increasingly muddled.

Anyone can look into the crystal ball for 2015. Let's dive deep, with an eye on 2016. And hey, what's the fun in future-casting if it's not bold? So, yes, let me preface this by admitting that I'm forecasting here -- and as your local weatherman can attest, forecasting is not an exact science.

OK, enough with the precautionary preamble. Here are nine prominent quarterbacks who won't be with their respective clubs for next season. Plan accordingly.

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Adam Schein Contributing Columnist