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All-Under-25 Team

It's time to pick the best and brightest of the NFL youth for my third annual All-Under-25 Team. Always a fun exercise, though it can be difficult deciding on 26 players. All nominees for this list must be younger than 25 come opening day of the 2015 season, which is Thursday, Sept. 10.

Like always, there were some tough omissions. None tougher than Falcons CB Desmond Trufant, who turns 25 on opening day. Sorry, dude, you're getting old. In all seriousness, I tried to look at who already has arrived, as opposed to primarily considering a player's potential.

There are a lot of interesting choices on my 2015 team. Hit me up with your take: @HarrisonNFL. Check out NFL NOW for more analysis on my offensive and defensive choices.

Elliot Harrison Analyst