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All-Time Team - San Francisco 49ers

So what, exactly, is a dynasty?

In an NFL sense, we've been taught (or told) that a dynasty puts together a run of multiple Super Bowls in a finite window, with at least two Lombardi Trophies to show for it.

Well, after trying to put together a San Francisco 49ers all-time team, it's clear to me that a "dynasty" should really be called "an embarrassment of riches," as San Francisco is so deep at so many different positions.

As "Dynasty Month" continues on NFL Network, we have to consider that the Niners just might take the cake. What a group of players below, headlined by two of the greatest Hall of Famers of all. As for the rest of the roster, feel free to share your thoughts ... @HarrisonNFL is the place.

Speaking of one of those Hall of Famers ...

Elliot Harrison Analyst