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All-Time Lane Kiffin Team

Lane Kiffin's coaching career has been anything but routine. Still just 43 years old, the guy's already experienced a Susan Lucci-sized catalog of personal soap operas. With abrupt and odd departures from just about every high-profile job he's held, Kiffin has established himself as the drama king of football -- the kind of lightning-rod figure who simultaneously induces contempt and curiosity. A fascinating character study. And a man who's been around a whole lot of gifted football players. While he's currently the head coach at Florida Atlantic, Kiffin has already directed some of the biggest football programs in America. He's waded in some deep talent pools. So, considering all of the players he's worked with, who are the best of the best? What kind of team could you comprise from Kiffin's time as head coach of the Oakland Raiders, Tennessee Volunteers and USC Trojans? Let's find out!

NOTE: As you can see, each guy's time with Kiffin is listed parenthetically.

Gennaro Filice

Original Content Editor