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All-Time Jon Gruden Team

If Hollywood can subsist on reboots and sequels, why can't the NFL? After a decade in the broadcast booth, Jon Gruden is trading one headset for another to reprise his role as the Oakland Raiders' head coach. This Raiders redux has a bunch of new characters, but there will be plenty of trademark Gruden gruffness to go with it. To wit: Gruden's comment that he's "trying to throw the game back to 1998." In that vein, we're also going back to 1998 -- Gruden's first year as an NFL head coach -- and coming up with the best player at each position to have played for Gruden in his stints helming the Raiders (1998-2001; 2018-present) and Buccaneers (2002-08). I'll tell ya what: This is gonna be wild, man!

Ground rules: This list only includes players who played for Gruden as a head coach -- don't tweet me asking about Brett Favre and Ricky Watters -- BEFORE the 2018 season, which hasn't happened yet.

Marcas Grant

Fantasy Editor