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7 underappreciated prospects who will make big impact in NFL

The NFL is home to a lot of players that were underappreciated on a national level during their collegiate careers. The reasons for why they didn't get their due could range from the popularity of their more recognizable college teammates, a lack of media coverage, average size or speed for their position, or simply a lack of success for their program.

Unless you were heavy into watching MACtion on Wednesday and Thursday nights during the college season, you might not have seen much of former Toledo running back Kareem Hunt's career. Now, the 2017 third-round pick is the NFL's top rusher and an MVP candidate.

Here are seven prospects that are currently underappreciated for their talents. Some might creep up draft boards to their rightful spots over the course of the next year or two, while others could turn out to be draft steals.

Chad Reuter

Draft Analyst