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2018 NFL coach rankings: Bill Belichick and then ...

Front men. That's what NFL head coaches have become. Gone are the days of assistants doing TV interviews. GMs rarely take the mic, unless it's at league meetings. Head coaches are THE face of the product, attached to successes and pitfalls in a way that perhaps only real front men can understand. Guys like Axl Rose, Mick Jagger and whoever those brothers were from Oasis. Lions fan Kid Rock doesn't count. But while we're here ... Detroit features a new front man: Matt Patricia, one of seven new coaches -- the group that makes these annual NFL Head Coach Power Rankings a slippery undertaking. (Patricia also looks like he could play bass for Metal Church.) How do you rate coaches who've never done the job? How do those who have hoisted the Lombardi Trophy stack up? And what about Doug Pederson, who pulled it off as a sophomore? Answers below. Your take is not, so send along: @HarrisonNFL is the place.

Elliot Harrison Analyst