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2017 NFL All-Pro Team projections: Tom Brady top QB

Projecting the 2017 All-Pro Team is, in a word, tough sledding. Actually, that's two words. See what I mean??

Given how limited preseason reps are for starters, picking the first team requires research, intuition, research, much editing and research. Oh, and you have to decipher how the heck a few head coaches will approach things this season. Will the Bucs run more (affecting Mike Evans)? Are there too many Giant mouths to feed (thus cutting into Odell Beckham Jr.'s targets)? Is a healthy Keenan Allen the certifiable WR1 for the Chargers? These kinds of questions -- and the NFL's bumper crop of talented wideouts -- make this quite a difficult undertaking.

After hours of fact-finding and cross-checking and second-guessing, I present my 2017 All-Pro predictions. Yes, there are 12 players on defense -- trying to account for different fronts. Hit me @HarrisonNFL with thoughts (complaints).

Elliot Harrison Analyst