2016 Draft All-Name Team

Webster Slaughter. Bacarri Rambo. Bryan Anger. These are names built for a brutally competitive sport. It would be weird if these guys were in any other profession. Mr. Slaughter isn't cutting it as a door-to-door salesman. (Though he'd be a pretty baller exterminator.) So many amazing names span the decades of football. QB Chuck Long and WR Mac Speedie check the literal category. Dick Butkus, Buzz Nutter and Guy Whimper are excellent for bad jokes and punny headlines. And my personal favorites: Coy Bacon and Jake Stoneburner. Those guys should veg hang out.

I've sifted through this year's draft prospects and identified the blue-chip names below. Some will have illustrious NFL careers. But even those who don't will forever have a spot on the Class of 2016 All-Name Team.

Colleen Wolfe

NFL.com Analyst