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2016 All-Pro Team projections

Every August, we watch football, hoping to catch a glimpse of the starters for a quarter -- two, if we're lucky. Then, somehow, we think we can predict who is going to ball out. Hahahahammmmph, uhhuh, uhhuh ... OK, pookie, we realize we're speculating -- think Judge Smails from "Caddyshack" -- and that 2015, the offseason and every report in between is feeding our Nostradamic All-Pro leanings.

Some different faces grace my list, but before we dive in, please bear two things in mind:

a) This isn't a fantasy team. I don't care if Wideout A has more yards than Wideout B -- that doesn't always mean he's better.

b) This is not an attempt to predict who'll earn AP honors at season's end. If you are wondering what I am implying, please refer to "a."

Your thoughts are always welcome: @HarrisonNFL is the place.

Elliot Harrison Analyst