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14 for '14: Top Heisman Trophy candidates for 2014

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Conventional wisdom used to be that unless you received preseason acclaim as a Heisman favorite, you had no chance to win the award.

That notion has been blown out of the water of late: The past two winners have been redshirt freshmen, and five of the past seven winners were in their first seasons as a full-time starter.

Recent history, then, would make it seem as if putting together a list in June of the top Heisman candidates would be a waste of time because the eventual winner will have emerged from relative obscurity.

But this season feels different. There are a lot of big names who -- barring injury -- are going to put up big numbers. If there is one constant about Heisman winners, even Heisman winners who emerge from nowhere, it's that they put up big numbers for good teams.

Here is a look at the top 14 preseason Heisman candidates.