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11 current NFL players who weren’t invited to the combine

The NFL Scouting Combine begins Wednesday in Indianapolis, and much of the focus on the event, naturally, has been on the guys who will be there.

This exercise, though, is to give a shout out to notable current NFL players who were not invited to the combine the year they were drafted.

The combine has been around since 1982. The idea of a potential first-rounder not being invited to the combine would cause heads to explode, but there have been three first-round picks who were not invited to the combine (DE Aaron Jones in 1988, DT Eric Swann in 1991 and CB Darrien Gordon in 1993).

And consider: Key players in each of the past two Super Bowls -- Seattle LB Malcolm Smith in the 2013 season and New England CB Malcolm Butler this past season -- weren't invited to Indianapolis.

Here are 11 other current players of some renown who didn't participate in the combine.